Cane Straws - Short (Pack of 250)



If you can’t imagine your daily life without using a straw with your favorite drink and you’ve been searching for an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic straws, then cane straws are what you need.

These straws made of plants are biodegradable and compostable, plus they are super durable and stylish. We use 100% plant-based material from renewable resources and try to help our local farmers with their surplus of cane. Our goal is to create a zero-waste production and we make lots of small steps to contribute to sustainable development.

We offer you cane straws wholesale with the pack of 250 items. These short cane straws with the 14 centimeters length are comfortable to use with various drinks be it hot tea, coffee, soft drinks or very thick beverages like fresh juices and milkshakes. When you order our cane biodegradable straws bulk, we offer them in three possible diameters (5-7 mm, 7-9 mm, 10-13 mm).

Cane straw is definitely a godsend if you want to purchase an item that is durable and looks great. These straws withstand bites and pressure so even children will use them for quite a long time. Wash your cane straw after every use and reuse it as many times as you want. And when it is finished, put the straw into compost or just throw away and be sure that it will not stay at the landfills longer than a few months. Purchase cane straws bulk and share these healthy items with friends and family.

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