Car Windshield Cover



Your car can be exposed to harsh elements while parked outdoors, and your job is to protect it as much as you can. The car windshield cover protects the windscreen of your car from sun, wind, rain, snow, dust and more! It's really simple to use: just open the front doors, throw the cover over the windscreen, tuck the cover's ears before closing the doors and that's it! Features: - Provides anti-UV protection to reduce direct sunlight into the car. - Can be used for front and rear windscreens. - Foldable into a smaller size for easy storage. - Provides protection from frost and ice in winter and helps to keep your vehicle cool during summer. - The silver side facing out is used to protect from the heat during summer. - The black side facing out is used for frost and ice during winter. Specifications: - Dimensions: L 200 cm x W 70 cm - Weight: 120 gr. - Material: Aluminium film.

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