Easy-Grab Drain Cleaner Stick



Features - Has a long pipe: The easy-grab drain cleaner stick is exactly that. It is 60cm long therefore able to easily get to the depths of the drain. It also has a spring which makes it effective enough to reach for the clogs inside deep pipes. - Slim and Flexible: It can easily bend inside pipes and remove any solids causing the blockage, without getting damaged. The easy- grab drain cleaner stick effortlessly moves around the drain as its ductile and slim nature allows it to do so. - Tough and Durable: Using this drain cleaning tool saves you some few bucks. It is manufactured using polypropylene and stainless steel making it not only of good quality but also tough and durable. You do not have to pay for expensive plumbing services any more. - Unique design: This product is uniquely manufactured to have a hand-like design that tightly grabs solid obstructions in the drain and gets them out.

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