Retro Gaming Joysticks



Invite your pals for a few drinks, snacks and some retro gaming with this easy-to-setup Retro Gaming Joysticks! Just hook it up to your TV or projector add in some surround sound system and experience arcade gaming with your friends and family like it's still in the 90s! Enjoy old-style arcade gaming with an all-new and improved gaming joystick for longer hours of gaming fun and excitement! Start playing with ease. The Retro Station connects by HDMI 2.0+ or VGA. All you have to do is to plug the HDMI or VGA cable to your monitor or television and you are good to go. All the games are inbuilt. The Retro Station Arcade ULTIMATE is made using only the highest quality materials with a metal housing to ensure certain durability to our machine. We also put in the effort to make sure you have something that works. We TRIPLE check our machine before sending to you.

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